When we think of helping others in need of dental care, our thoughts almost always drift to some remote part of the world where people have low dental IQ and minimal access to anything, let alone dental care.

While many dentists go on dental missions to provide free dental care for people internationally, there is a need in Canada to provide such services. And not just in some small town in the far corners of a province or territory, but also in many of the big Canadian dental cities. To that end, a Canadian initiative has been launched to help dental clinics nationwide do an annual Free Dentistry Day (FDD) in their offices to service their local communities.

The Free Dentistry Day initiative is one where a dental office chooses one day a year to provide free dental care for those in need who can’t otherwise access dental care. The dentist and his/her team will pick a day, typically a Saturday, where the whole team will volunteer their time to provide those in need with basic dental care- an extraction, a filling or a cleaning. The patient gets to choose one free service.

The FDD initiative has many benefits for your community, your team, your personal fulfillment and for dentistry as a whole!